Location: Radiobilerne, Tivoli


Blvck Karibou – Wormhole
Phlegmatic Dogs – Cuatrocats
Ice x Diaz – WIP
Antoine Delvig x Love For Justice – Dirty G
Born Dirty – Oboloka (feat. Alina Pash)
Specktors & Nonsens – Gutterne
Moksi & Mike Cervello – Brooklyn
Nonsens & Mike Cervello – ID
Nonsens – Bounce
GTA – Something Like
Nonsens – ID
GODAMN x Makla – Chicago
Jay R Neutron – Know Me
Psycho Boys Club – ID
Habstrakt, Asdek – Es Isso
Douster, Savage Skulls – Bass Kick (Astronomar Remix)
Nonsens – Make It Pop
Peekaboo x ISOxo – POWERMOVE
X&G – Get Em
Nonsens & Foramic – Unlucky
Crisis Era & Rawtek – Ill As This
Beyonce – 7/11
Skrillex – Mumbai Power (feat. Beam)
Nonsens & Rawtek – Temple
Fabian Mazur – Hippo (Dat Girl Got Booty)

Once again we are very proud to welcome Nonsens to the Apropos Live Family.

Back in 2013, when we first time showcased Nonsens, not many knew about these three guys.

God damn things have changed! This post have would have to be ten pages if we were to sum up all of their achievements. Let’s just agree with Diplo, RL Grime and their global fanbase and say, good job guys and fucking did it. So what changed in the past 8 years? To be fair – not a lot! Throw in some global performances, a couple of million streams and some releases on the biggest labels in the world – otherwise 
Nonsens is still the most solid and down to earth guys you could imagine. It it still Jens, Rasmus and Anton just

doing their thing, and producing some of the best bass music in the world. Please enjoy this exclusive session from Tivoli. Brought to you in collaboration with Moodagent Music Streaming.

Please welcome back,

Photographer: Balthazar Hertel
Latitude: 55.645176504386896 / Longitude: 12.648205655542029